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fluka chemicals

Fluka, Supelco, Sigma and Aldrich brands all stand for quality, service and innovation. At www.MassSupply.com, we are supplying (the take out the) 100% authenticated Fluka, Supelco, Sigma and Aldrich products at discount pricing. For further details contact us at 303.471.0011.

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Custom Oligos

Bio-Synthesis provides a full spectrum of specialty Oligo Synthesis serices since 1984. We offer oligo synthesis of DNA, RNA, BNA with wide variety of modifications and labels. All custom oligo synthesis services are fully guaranteed.

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Peptide Synthesis

Bio-Synthesis is one of the world's largest peptide synthesis services companies who offer a complete range of premium quality custom peptide products.

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Agouti Related Peptides

Bio-Synthesis offers high quality Agouti Related Peptides such as AGRP(25 - 51) ,AGRP (54 - 82),AGRP (87 - 132), human ,AGRP fragment (83 - 132), amide , GRP78 Binding Chimeric Peptide Motif .

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chemistry conference 2019

Welcome to all chemical engineer, organic chemist, electro chemist, professors to share he information for “International conference on chemistry and analytical techniques” ,14-15 November, San Francisco, USA,2019

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