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Title:Buy Microsoft Dynamics CRM Licensing
Description:Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Price and License Guide Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available at four different license levels: Enterprise ($200), Professional ($65), Basic ($30), and Essential ($15). All new CRM Online subscriptions must have a minimum of five (5) licenses. The minimum can be met with a combination of Enterprise and Professional licenses. Once the five-license minimum has been met, you may mix and match any number of additional Enterprise, Professional, Basic, and Essential licenses. For example, you could subscribe to 1 Enterprise, 7 Professional, 10 Basic, and 3 Essential licenses. User subscription licenses (USLs) are required for all internal users, including employees, on-site contractors, and other on-site vendors. All licenses are assigned on a named-user basis. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online does not support device-based licensing.
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